What do acupuncture, chakras and yoga have in common? Chakras are the wheels or pools of energy, that can be tapped into and balanced with acupuncture, while yoga helps us to maintain this equilibrium in our day to day life.

Apart from the twelve main acupuncture meridians linked to their respective organs/systems in our bodies, there are eight extraordinary meridians, the main functions of which are:

1) Acting as deep reservoirs of energy
2) Circulating Jing (concentrated essence or energy) around the body
3) Circulating Wei (defensive) Qi over thorax, abdomen and back
4) Regulating our life cycles, 7 years (for women) and 8 years (for men)

Combining the acupuncture points on both main and extraordinary meridians allows us to bring a deeper balance to our bodies, minds and spirits.

In addition, acupuncture and yoga can greatly enhance each other, see this article to learn how: