Having just gone through the Earth element (late summer and early autumn), we are now entering a phase of Metal, end of the growing season, when the Earth begins to turn inward.

The Metal element is all about transformation, discovering hidden treasures, acceptance and ability to let go smoothly.

If we look at personal traits, Metal predominant people are methodical, intellectual and analytical, often perfectionists, paying a great attention to detail. Metal helps us make a unified whole of seemingly separate parts.

Physically, Metal controls our lungs, large intestine, skin and the immune system. When out of balance, this can lead to respiratory conditions, such as stuffiness, fatigue, sinusitis, asthma, colds, dry skin and digestive issues.

Mentally, try not to hold on to negative thoughts and embrace change. Cultivate tolerance and acceptance, understand that there is no perfection, only the state of continues improvement.

Emotionally, under Metal influence, we may be more prone to grief, introspection and having difficulties with letting go.

To summarise, during the cooling and contracting period of the autumn, we tend to become more rational, methodical and organised, striving to maintain order in our lives. To bring more balance, try to be more open and accessible and allow others into your emotional life.